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Few days ago on Facebook I saw a post from one of the groups I have followed for a while. They advocate GMO labeling on our food products. I've shared the post on the Mayur Naturals FB page. It's great that we have all achieved something that seems to be a fundamental right, to know what we are eating. You know, eating, to nourish our bodies??! I know there are many that have different opinions on GMO products and that is fine. I'd like to have a choice, however. Just like I give you the honest information on the body products I make, I would like the food industry to do the same for me. Something in particular caught my eye and sent me down memory lane. The post said, "... the bill contain


It’s been so busy lately, sometimes 20 hour days, sometimes 38 hour day. Lol! It’s a lot of work starting your own business. But when it’s also your passion, it doesn’t feel like work. This morning, while in the same busy mode I have been, I realized I have not been using my own products. So while having my morning tea, I decided to take just 10 mins out, grabbed a Dead Sea and Neem Mask, put it on while the water was boiling for my tea, made my tea and just took 10 minutes to relax. This mask feels really good. I feel my skin tightening, and I can feel it working esply on my cheeks which can sometimes get dry and bumpy. I love the smell. It has a calming effect. As Lavender and Clary Sage w

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