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March 30th is when my Grandad passed away. He was the glue that held the fabric of my family together. He left suddenly. I wasn't able to say goodbye. By the time I was able to get air tickets back home from the US, it was already too late. It was like my bottom had fallen out. There are traditions and customs for death anniversaries in India. Being the opposite of the traditional Indian girl, I have no idea what they are. So, I will do what embodied this man most to honor his memory. Mayur Naturals formally announces 10% of all sales go to charity. It's something I do personally, but today is a great day to formalize it for Mayur. My granddad's generosity and him helping those in need (the

Why We Use Essential Oils and How Are They Different From Fragrance?

The sense of smell is one of our strongest senses. It immediately connects us to memories and feelings, it can make us feel good or not so good. Different smells have different effects on us. And it is extremely personal. I once met someone who hated the smell of Lavender. Most people love the smell of Lavender and it has therapeutic properties. I myself did not like the smell of Rose when I was younger. I associated "old and dusty" with that smell. But, like everything in life, we change and what I disliked in the past, I now love! Over the years I have observed myself, as well as friends and family pick out a particular skincare product or makeup based on the smell. Again, this is very per

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