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Vetiver Essential Oil

Last summer, I fell in love. With Vetiver. As is usual for me, the 'normal' and 'ordinary' hold little appeal. And Vetiver is anything but ordinary. To me, Vetiver is strong, earthy and reminds me of yester years. It's a strong scent and not easy to use as it's very viscous. Did I say earthy? It also reminds me of the beautiful scent of earth after a rain. And to me, sensual. Aromatherapy experts will tell you it smells like Patchouli with a hint of lemon. Vetiver is a grass that is found in Western and Southern India. It's a perennial and a native of these regions. It's tall stems have rigid leaves and brownish-purple flowers. I also like that the entire plant, roots, stems, leaves et all a

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