Just wanted to tell you how happy I was to stumble upon you today. I used my new foundation after my shower and its perfect. Doesn't look like I'm wearing any makeup which is exactly what I want.
Best in your tremendous endeavor.
-    MB. - MA


I have been using the Elixir Face Serum oil and enjoying it very much.  I don't think I realized how much of a difference it is making to my skin until one day when I didn't use it, and my face felt dry and stiff all day. With your oil, it keeps my face soft and moisturized the entire day. I don't miss any more days!   About the wrinkles, I think it is already making a difference, and I'm looking forward to even more of a difference in the near future! 
-    S.L. - MO, US, 70+yrs (Approx. 3 weeks use)



I have become addicted to this skin care line. I love using it every day which is saying a lot for a guy. The serums have made a really big difference to my skin. I hope the brand never goes out of business because I am addicted!
-    G.B.  - New Delhi, India. 35 yrs


I have been trying the creams and LOVE them. They are great.
-    J.M.  - MA, US; 40+yrs


I absolutely love the Dead Sea Clay & Neem Mask. I use this once a week. Since I've been using it for a few weeks now, I have seen a dramatic improvement in my pores. My skin tends to be oily and I have large pores which tend to become clogged. My face is so much cleaner and smoother as a result of using this mask. I can almost feel the toxins being dissolved and removed from my skin. After the mask I use the Fruit Pack. I love the scent, and it leaves my skin so soft and smooth that when I rinse it off, I almost feel that I don't need to moisturize...although I do with the Elixer Serum which is my absolute favorite - I absolutely Love this stuff. After using this twice a day for a few weeks, I can see a dramatic difference in the texture and smoothness of my skin. I tend to get a bit of psoriasis on my knees and elbows in the winter, and I've been using it on them too with dramatic results. I'm so happy that this can not only relieve the dry skin there so beautifully, but it allows me to stay away from harsh prescription creams. I just adore this oil - Thank you so much!
- M.M.D. - MA, US; 40+yrs


Love the face oil. (Elixir Face Serum) I have extremely dry skin and my face is hydrated in the morning when I use the oil the night before.
- R.M. -  MA, US; 40+yrs


I love the scrub. A little goes a long way. Makes my skin very soft and smooth! Thank  you!
M.M. - MA, US; 40+yrs

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